Hey, welcome to my gadget, here are some key words to get a brief introduction about me.

I am an incoming MS student of Business Analytics at UC, Irvine. I have a great passion for Big Data and Machine Learning challenges.

Starting from high school, I joined the AI lab, studied C++, and won the World Robot Olympics National Second Place. To learn fundamental algorithms behind engineering, I chose to major in Mathematics(Computation Track) and then devoted myself to the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. In the meantime, I chose to double major in Economics to see how the market works, furthermore, I started my own business within the campus. Through field investigations, I found the place with the highest traffic on-campus - student center - and students’ highest on-campus demand - a flower shop. Using O+O(Online app + Offline delivery) method gave my store a great reputation and a stable income for my tuition fee.

My flower shop kindled my interest in the huge effect of data, and I want to see how data works in tech companies. I tried various positions in Marketing, IT companies. In there, I really enjoy being an algorithm engineer, implementing SOTA models, improving them, and gradually enhancing human being’s routine life. Furthermore, I hope that in the era of big data, women engineers can union together to make “tech has no gender”.

I’m looking for Summer 2021 internship opportunities and Summer 2021 full-time opportunities to be an engineer that gets involved in the current digital world.

Feel Free to reach me at [email protected]