East China Normal University
College of Mathematical Sciences, Bachelor in Information and Computing Science | major GPA: 3.44 / 4.0
  • Core Courses: Deep learning, Data Analysis and data mining, Time Series, Operations Research, C++.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Antai College of Economics and Management, Bachelor in Economics | GPA: 3.85 / 4.0
  • Core Courses: Statistics, Accounting, Macroeconomics, Management.


“Meaning of Imagery in Chinese poetry based on NLP”, Project Researcher
  • Gathered classic poetries from prestigious poets from Tang Dynasty to modern poetries before 1970 as our training data, collected a data pool of over 400 classic imageries and their classic meanings, each meaning had its illustrative sentences.

  • Predicted meanings of imageries using modern poetries of over 40,000 words from 1970 till now as our test data and by Natural Language Processing in Python, mainly focused on giving a recommended meaning of the imagery.


“Big Data Digest”, Translator (Shanghai, China)
  • Translated over 10 paper and news of top-notch technologies into Chinese, including the State of Deep Learning in 2018. Accumulated reading quantity reached over 100 thousand.
Google Devfest, Volunteer (Shanghai, China)
  • Interviewed professionals in Machine Learning about their own successful experience, their opinion of the future for Machine Learning, and their own notion of building up a geek organization with leading-edge workshops.
Theoretical Research in Youth League Committee, President (Shanghai, China)
  • Led college publicity activities, including activity poster design and college social media platform operation.
  • Organized a lecture of Super brain, with over 200 student participants.