Hey, welcome to my gadget, here are some key words to get a brief introduction about me.

A female programmer, mainly focused on Natural Language Processing recently at Beijing IQIYI Technology Co.,Ltd, Algorithm Team, and AntNLP at East China Normal University.

A determined innovator, developed an online flower-bouquet ordering WeChat mini-app, which earned over ¥3,000 a month inside the university and created a hair-quality testing product for L’Oréal , which won top 10 products of Brandstorm.

An enthusiastic self-learner, major in Mathematics, got my double major in Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and self-taught Computer Science.

A girl who is always ready for stepping out of her comfort zone, served as a data scientist intern at L’Oréal China Co.,Ltd, an IAGS intern at Shanghai Intel Asia-Pacific Research & Development Co.,Ltd and an algorithm intern at Beijing IQIYI Technogoy Co.,Ltd respectively to experience more.